a week in instagrams and more spring preview

instagram1 This week flew by, but lately it's been feeling like that every single week. I've been continuing to work on my "Spring Collection" of greeting cards. I had some samples printed this week and got really excited at how well the colors + paper choice turned out. All of my paper comes from French Paper Co, and for this collection I'm trying out a different type. I try to always use recycled paper and this one has lots of nice little specks in it. I'm loving it so much that I might transition to using more of it in the rest of my products...


I just got a shipment again this week and wanted to share with you a picture of their packaging. Yes I am in love. My sister (also a designer) and I could go on and on talking about paper. The way it smells, the way it feels....and so on. But now that I've written that out, it does kind of sound weird and I know for sure it will to those who don't work with printed paper things for a living. Whatever.


I also ordered some Moleskine notebooks that I will illustrate and sell in my Etsy shop. I really enjoy lately designing things by hand without the use of a computer at all. Getting your hands dirty seems so retro. I received pretty pink nail polish in the mail too. That of course has absolutely nothing to do with my work. But it's pretty. These all arrived at the post office on the same day making for a very lovely afternoon of goodies.

This week I also had time to be a little social, which was a nice change. Unfortunately when I get really busy, my social life is usually what I cut first and I know that's not a good thing. I try to remember that getting out and seeing people is a really good break to stay sane, even when work things feel overwhelming. This week I had a nice lunch date with my mom, and there was also a surprise birthday party for one of my closest friends. Surprise parties are actually very exciting for the birthday haver as well as the birthday party throwers. It was just as fun as how it looks in the movies! I illustrated part of an E.E. Cummings poem to give as a birthday gift to my friend. She is always kind enough to accept a growing collection of my hand drawn work.