Aspirations to be a better blogger

Katie Vaz Design | Hand Drawn Paper Goods I realized today that it's been almost two full months since my last post. Look at me being a bad blogger! The truth is that I always struggle with writing. I'm better at making things look pretty. I don't think I'm a bad writer, I'm just so slow to get started. So I have to get back into the swing of things now after being a little lazy the last two months.

Even though I wasn't being a cool blogger, I have been busy with work! I've had some things cooking with custom Etsy orders, making new Etsy products, and gaining more freelance work. I may also be in the process of co-writing/designing a cookbook with a fellow designer. Updates on that will come. That's a brief summary, but here are some photos to catch you up a little.


I've been printing all of my new card designs on French Paper Co. Madero Beach paper. I started incorporating it into my products a few months ago, and it's been making everything very lovely. It's got such a higher-quality texture going on.


You should also know that I recently baked a strawberry rhubarb pie. I've never baked a pie before, but oh am I going to make lots more this summer. It's one of those intimidating things I never bothered with, until I had rhubarb to use and a hankering for pie at the same time! Anyways, I'll add a pie recipe on here soon so I can share what I've learned. For now, you can admire with me how domesticated and charming this one turned out.