Best Foods of Summer

Summer food is here and I am in heaven. I love eating food all year long, but this time of year is especially good šŸ…. As I was enjoying some of my favorites recently, I decided Iā€™d like to draw them all and share them with you because maybe you love food as much as me. 

First up are tomato sandwiches, something I could eat every single day. White bread, mayonnaise, and juicy ripe tomatoes from the garden. Sometimes I make it fancy by adding super garlic-y homemade kale pesto and toasting the bread beforehand. 

Tomato Sandwich Illustration | Katie Vaz

Are you a fan, too? šŸž

Below is a time-lapse progress video of the illustration. I drew this in the Procreate iPad app and the time-lapse video feature is one of my favorites. I think it's so mesmerizing to watch the process of how drawings are created.