Birds of Springtime

Earlier this year, my friend started a weekly art challenge to help us all build our illustration portfolios. Each month has a theme, and then ideally each week you create a piece so that at the end of each month you have a little collection, and then at the end of the year you have 12 collections. This month's theme was "birds," so I wanted to create something inspired by springtime. I love this time of year when the birds are returning, grass is  getting greener, flowers are blooming and it smells like mud outside. I don't know a whole lot about birding, but a lot of my family is really into it. Sometimes it feels like a fun game to spot certain types of birds. In this piece, I drew my favorite birds that signal warmer weather to come.

katie vaz - bird illustration

Best part of all is that the hashtag for the challenge is #spankysartparty :D Best name ever, right? If you know me personally, then you know why that's the best name ever. This little guy's name is Spanky! 

You can search that hashtag on social media to follow along or see what other illustrators have created. Here are the pieces I created for February (houses) and January (houseplants).

katie vaz - home illustration
katie vaz - christmas cactus