Fun with custom orders

Recently I've had a few custom orders through Etsy that have been really fun to work on. Well,  any time I get to draw pretty words for work is actually pretty great. But this one particular project was for an 8x10 print and two matching 5x7 prints for an upcoming Great Gatsby themed wedding. I particularly love Art Deco style things, so it was extra fun to incorporate that part of the Great Gatsby into these.  Katie Vaz Design

I felt pretty inspired during the sketching process. I pulled in features seen in a variety of things from book covers to architecture from the Art Deco time period. It makes me want to draw a bunch of things in that style!

Katie Vaz Design

I was loving it so much that I incorporated some of these illustrations into a journal I'm now selling in my Etsy shop. It might just pop up in some cards eventually too!

Katie Vaz Design | Audrey Hepburn Quote Journal