I'm With Her.

I stay pretty quiet online and in real life about heated topics (like politics) because I hate confrontation. But I've been thinking lately that maybe now more than ever, it's more important to be transparent about what I believe in. 

I'm With Her | Katie Vaz | Hand-lettering

When I follow somebody or buy from a certain brand, I like to know that my support and my money is going towards something or someone that values the same things I do. So if it is important to you to know, I support Hillary (Bernie was pretty cool too). I feel particularly passionate about things like equality, women's rights, and climate change. I think it's okay if you have different opinions, unless they are hateful. The world needs more empathy and more love.

Anyways, that is just a little transparency about me for you. 

On a lighter note, remember that Daylight Savings ends tonight! Don't forget to set your clocks back and enjoy that bonus hour of sleep! I look forward to this night each year hehe ;)

Katie Vaz Illustration | Clock pattern design