April Flowers

This month, the theme of Spanky's Art Party is flowers (find out more by searching #spankysartparty on Instagram). I think flowers are currently my favorite thing to draw and paint.  I've been learning more about surface design and licensing art for things like fabric, home decor, stationery and so on, so this month I wanted to try out some patterns. I would love to order some Spoonflower fabric out of this pattern and make a dress. That is if I actually knew how to sew, but I don't. It's been on my list of "Fun Things to Learn" for like ever.

katie vaz floral pattern

This year I'm working on building my portfolio to attract more commissioned illustration work and to hopefully license my art to various surface design categories in the future. Sometimes it feels like it will take forever to create enough pieces to fill my portfolio to where I want it to be, but I have to remember baby steps. If I focus on just making what I can and taking it one day at a time, at some point it will eventually be there.

Unrelated, but GREAT NEWS! Look what I received in the mail yesterday :D First copy of my coloring book Don't Worry, Eat Cake :) :) I wasn't expecting to get a copy this early, so it was an awesome surprise. It's surreal but so freaking fun to see it in real life. 

Katie Vaz Coloring Book