It's pre-order time!

My coloring book Don't Worry, Eat Cake is available for pre-order now! Head over to this page to find all the links to buy!

Let me just say that it's so unreal to be talking about pre-ordering! Last fall, I spent almost every waking second working on this book. If I wasn't eating or sleeping, I was working on illustrations for this. Even if I was eating or sleeping though, it was definitely all I could think about. Now that the book is here and I see it in my hands, I still have to pinch myself to remind me that this is all real and not a very, very cool dream. I received my advance copies in the mail recently and it's just so exciting to see them in person. I'm really proud of this book and I cannot wait to share it with you this June.

So now that the official release date is only 6 weeks away, I'm going to celebrate the countdown with some Don't Worry, Eat Cake Giveaways! Free stuff, yay!

Don't Worry, Eat Cake | Katie Vaz

I'll be offering free digital downloads every Monday in May, and then each day in June leading up to June 7th! I've put together some colorable goodies from some of the artwork in the coloring book that you can download and use at home. Each giveaway will be posted here in my blog, but it will only be available on the day that it is posted. So, make sure to check back each Monday in May and each day in June up until the 7th!